Business Day

7 March 2010

Please come to our 2010 Business Day:
Friday, 12 March 2010 at 8:30 – 11:00
@ SD Gemala Ananda,
Jl. Lebak Bulus I no/1, Cilandak.

Here are some fond memories of last year’s event 🙂

The kids are learning how to become entrepreneurs. On Business Day they opened their own stores, selling crafts that they made during this semester. They also sold cookies that they made themselves the day before in cooking class, as well as some drinks.

Each student was given a specific responsibility in the store, and they were responsible to the store manager (the teacher). After the shop was closed, they had to account for the sales, the number of coupons they got and the remainings of the products they are responsible for.

Grade 2 students sold their self-made books about the Sun, which were actually their performance task in the latest Science unit on the solar system. They had to calculate how much money they spent for the materials of the books and then decided on the selling price. This is part of learning about the concept of money in Math.

The day after, we evaluated the event. Grade 1 students concluded that game stand was a hit and recommended that next year they offer more games. They agreed that prices should not be too high so people will buy their products. They also concluded that selling is not an easy job to do, and that they may encounter some customers who are not very nice.

The proceed of the sales were divided amongst them to be added to their individual savings account. Muslim students are reminded of zakat and alms giving, and they willingly set aside some of their personal gains to be given to charity.

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